Query About Acid Well Water

Questions – I’ve got really low pH, approximately 5.0. I am getting many stains in my fittings in my copper pipes. There are 4 individuals in our house and two baths. Which neutralizer works better for us? Can I utilize a calcite kind neutralizer? Water can be quite corrosive to the aluminum pipe. See this picture onto a section of aluminum pipe we cut out of a custom house. It leaked and the pipe was just 6 years old. The corrosion is due to the water. A Calcite-Blend neutralizer filter may neutralize the pH and help remove the damaging effects of the water simply by utilizing Zinc Carbonate Calcite and Magnesium Oxide Corosex or even Flomax.

Clients having this kind of water used to get stains also after installing the neutralizer watch their stains vanish in a couple of weeks. The neutralizer filter includes all you need such as easy instructions and the Calcite/Corosex media. Individuals or any plumber familiarized with plumbing may put in them. Our Fleck 7000 collection of filter methods are rather Maintenance-free, and comprise rates with at least pressure loss, attribute automatic controllers such as backwashing. The Vortech nutrient tank utilizes a backwashing system allowing for a better backwash using water that well water filter is less also. Please view below for merchandise links, and attachments, and extra info. Price includes a pH test kit to be certain of operation, comprises all essential media for up and operating. 

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