Choosing The Best of Crypto Currency Trading Now Comes Perferct

Several hundred available crypto currency pairs, low commission, special competitions and competitions, positive reviews about Binance, as well as a very high level of security. These are the main factors that make choosing a stock exchange a good choice for both beginners and experienced traders.

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What opportunities does the Binance exchange offer?

The Binance Exchange is a huge trading platform that allows free trading of crypto currencies. The operation of the exchange is extremely simple: Available virtual currencies have been arranged in pairs that enable the transaction. Thus, the XRP / BTC pair allows us to buy Ripple for Bitcoin crypto currency.

Most of the available crypto currencies have been paired with popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, which greatly facilitates entering into transactions. The user can specify the sale or purchase price. When another user sets a reverse order that will meet our expected price, the transaction will be automatically concluded.

Choosing The Best of Crypto Currency Trading Now Comes Perferct

Two types of interface

The Binance exchange is available in both basic and advanced forms. We can of course switch the view at any time. Binance reviews emphasize the enormity of additional options offered by the platform. Each creator can submit their own Blockchain project here, which will be advertised on the site in the Binance incubator department. In this way you can get business partners and sponsors who will help you develop the project.

The possibility of organizing an ICO

The Binance exchange also allows you to carry out your own ICO collection. All this means that the stock exchange in such a short time gained the status of the largest and most popular transaction platform with virtual currencies.

Low commissions

It is certainly worth praising the low commissions, which indicate the opinions of Binance customers. A one-time commission on each transaction is only 0.1% of the order value. In addition, customers can purchase Binance Coin (BNB) which will reduce the commission to 0.075%.